Artists On Tumblr: Jae Shin Cross

I shot this girl while she was underwater to see the visible distortions. She’s one of the most beautiful girls I know but she is highly self conscious, so I didn’t let her see any of the photos.

// selected by chaz


kolon sport summer phone bg series!

too bad I couldn’t upload all of them at once :( check previous post to find suho hehe

여름이니까요 후후 비가 주룩주룩 오고 천둥 번개가 막 치지만 ㅜ 떤더!

단체짤이랑 수호는 요 바로 전에 올렸습니다!

call me your darling darling, make me melt.
sugar pop, my lollipop, i will shout out.


Sigh the sky gets so dreamy around 9 pm sometimes and the light makes the buildings look pink. it lasts for literally 2 minutes and fades away. s i g h.